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About Kendra

Kendra has written since age 8. Her mom had a routine of sitting on her bed writing about the day, and one day she asked to take over. (2 decades later her mother said that was her agenda all along).
63 journals later, with a few college degrees under her belt, she has toggled her writing between academia and wildness. She has published a few essays, won a poetry award, unfurled a blog about teaching writing to struggling kids, and avoids submitting all the pieces friends tell her to submit.

Not all of Kendra’s passions revolve around writing. She is a tutor, researcher and teacher of teachers of reading and writing. Passionate about yoga on land or on paddleboard, she has taught yoga to men in prison. Any moment might find her at a protest for equality and justice, on a spiritual retreat, trekking or hiking the mountainous and shore gifts of Puget Sound. But nearly always, you'll find her with her dog, Rizzo.

"Like micro aggressions, micro shifts are burrowing their way into our cities, and minds, and policies, like the wet sand that moves when our foot falls into the sudden dip after the wave goes back out to sea.

In these times of upheaval in our global health, democratic institutions, shifting beliefs, economic fragility, systems of racism, and questioning of authority versus agency, and that's just off the top of my head, I aspire to stand somewhere between ostrich-ness and platitudes, and thank all of you for riding the tsunami with me.

Grateful for friends who get me and for the foes who stretch me.
And may we all dip into the well of gratitude."

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